Subaru 360 Van sliding window seal

The seal for the sliding side window of the Subaru 360 Van is available. This is the seal, shown in the diagram below, between the window frame and the body (door) of the van. The original seal is a molded part. The reproduction seal is a strip to keep the final part affordable. Each van uses 2 seals - one for each door. 

A Subaru 360 Van seal kit is listed on Ebay. The kit is limited to 10 items due to the production runs. Included in the kit:

Sliding window seals (page 118, parts 1 & 11) - 2 pieces - seals the sliding window frame to the body of the van.
Sliding window channel and blocker (page 118, parts 4,5,8 & 10) - 2 pieces - replaces the felt sliding window channel.
Rear hatch weatherstrip (page 146, part 12) - 1 piece - weatherstrip for the body of the van where the rear hatch closes.
Side door top and side weatherstrip (page 146, part 3) - 6 pieces - two piece weatherstrip for the top and sides of the side doors.
Side door bottom weatherstrip (page 146, part 13) - 2 pieces - weatherstrip for the bottom of the side doors.
Rear windscreen seal (page 122, part 6) - 1 piece - seals the rear windscreen to the hatch.
Rear window seals (page 126, part 13) - 2 pieces - seals the stationary rear windows to the body of the van.